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Meet Our Heroes!
Meet our leadership team that is diverse, enthused, innovative, and most importantly driven to make a change in the healthcare industry. Although our leaders come from different walks of life and backgrounds, they share their vision and interests which makes the attainment of goals possible. Let's learn more about each one of them.
Kalyan Sivasailam
leader-imageCo-Founder & CEO @5C Network
Kalyan doesn’t believe in following the norms and has a unique way of approaching problems. One of the primary career aims of Kalyan is to make India healthier by making accurate and timely diagnoses possible in every part of the country. He sees 5C Network as getting prepared to lead the next big health transformation in India.
Syed S. Ahmed
leader-imageCo-Founder & Director@5C Network
Currently serving as the Managing Director, Syed is also one of the co-founders of 5C Network. With a wealth of unparalleled experience across industries, Syed led the tech-driven strategic initiative projects of several technology companies including Mindlance India, Hewlett-Packard, 3M. As per Syed, it’s his belief in the strength of technology to change the world that keeps him motivated every day.