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Diagnosing the diagnostic process: 5C Network

Radiology is a specialized branch of medicine using medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat patients.Dec 21, 2021
Radiology is a specialized branch of medicine using medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat patients. The involvement of radiologists has increased drastically in the clinical management of patients with the development of medical image technology such as X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, etc
Some Statistics:
A country with a population of a billion and around 8000 radiologists leads to a huge imbalance affecting millions of lives. Now according to the Indian Journal of Radiology and imaging, “In the next decade, USG facilities will double and CT scan and MRI will continue to grow in an exponential way, with more and more indications being included. Molecular imaging will become available in all the big metros. India will need about 20,000 radiologists if the benefits of imaging are to reach every corner of the country.”“Growth rates of CT and MRI in Sweden have continuously exceeded growth rates of practising radiologists”, according to a new report from telemedicine firm TMC.“France, which performs more CT exams than any other country in Europe, faces the double threat of an ageing radiologist population and an unequal distribution of radiologists around the country.”
Challenges :
The major challenge faced by the hospitals or diagnosis centres is the limited number of radiologists who can provide a better medical decision for the patient. A proper medical decision is needed to plan and evaluate a patient’s treatment in time.The challenge for scholastic radiology in India is thusly going to be the issue of teaching and preparing an adequate number of inhabitants which takes years of practice. Considering this huge gap between the diagnosis centre, clinician and radiologist the concept of making a bridge among them came into the scenario.
What does 5C Network do?
5C Network provides a platform by connecting hospitals or diagnostic centres with the radiologists through their portal providing multiple services from viewing scanned images with different tools to examine the image to the report creation for the patient and the reference for the clinician. Every hospital’s and diagnostic centre’s private radiologist. An efficient and cost-effective way to approach a medical problem.The feature of providing a medical report is a key factor needed for the clinician and patient as it might involve both medical and legal aspects i.e., Medico-legal where the clinician might need to inform a law enforcement agency.The process of the 5C network begins when a doctor recommends a patient to do a diagnostic test which is facilitated by hospitals or private diagnostic centres where technicians will operate the tools. Technicians and clinicians need the service of a radiologist to have a broader view on diagnosing the patient, this platform connects it to the desired radiologist respecting the time constraint; providing online radiologist support and every radiologist is empowered to reach out to these hospitals and provide their expertise.5C Network facilities are available today in 1000+ hospitals and radiologists in India and further looking for more hospitals and radiologists to come under their umbrella.