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World Radiology Day 2021

The International Day of Radiology (IdoR) or the World Radiology Day is observed annually on November 8, to commemorate the discovery of X-rays or X-radiation, by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.Nov 08, 2021
The Advent of Radiology
The International Day of Radiology (IdoR) or the World Radiology Day is observed annually on November 8, to commemorate the discovery of X-rays or X-radiation, by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.On 8th of November 1895, Professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German physicist discovered unknown rays were produced when cathode rays entered matter. These rays were special in that they could neither be reflected nor refracted. Additionally, they were found to be unaffected by magnetic and electric fields. These rays were then called as X- rays, ‘X’ for being the unknown. They had special dual properties of emitting light (fluorescence) and entering matter (penetration).A few weeks after that, on 22 December 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen took the very first x-ray of a person, that of his wife, Anna Bertha’s hand. This image later became famous and came to be known as ‘Hand Mit Ringen’ or Hands with Rings. In 1901, he went on to become the first ever winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics for this achievement (a discovery that can be compared to the Watson and Crick’s discovery of the DNA double helix, the basis of human biology).He gave mankind this great gift of looking through skin and tissues of the human body, without having to even make a single cut. Imagine a test that is not at all or minimally invasive, not painful, yet gives you the complete picture of what is happening in your body. Imagining a modern world without radiology is inconceivable, and thanks to the pioneers and their unending sacrifices and efforts in this field, we don’t have to!If you think Radiology is only helpful for imaging and diagnosis of disease, that is not the case. It is crucial even in the treatment of diseases such as cancers, in the form of radiotherapy.There has been enormous progress in the field of radiology and imaging. There have been numerous path-breaking achievements all over the world since Roentgen’s discovery, leading to the development and utility of various imaging and therapeutic modalities and techniques.
The Advent of the International Radiology Day
Every year, the World Radiography Day is observed on November 8, to help build better awareness of the value that radiology brings thorough patient care and also to improve public understanding of the extremely vital role that the radiologists and radiographers play in the field of modern day medicine. Radiology Day is to commemorate radiology’s contribution to modern healthcare and promotes getting together of radiologists, as well as shows the potential of radiography as a career.
The Theme of World Radiology Day 2021
‘Interventional Radiology- Active Care for Patient’ is the motto of this 2021 World Radiology Day. It highlights and brings out the extremely essential role that interventional radiology plays in the diagnosis and timely treatment of patients, therefore resulting in good treatment outcomes.The first ever World Radiography Day was observed in 2012, with the three premier Radiology Societies, the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), the European Society of Radiology (ESR), and the American College for Radiology (ACR) joining hands.
Significance of World Radiography 2021
As mentioned above, the theme of this International Day of Radiology 2021, is Interventional Radiology and its essential role in getting much needed treatment to patients. As the world faces the challenges forced upon it by COVID-19, it is imperative to acknowledge the key role that medical imaging and radiology occupies in medicine. This is true not only during unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic but also on an everyday basis in all the areas of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic patient care.Radiologists are here to better modern medicine and health care.